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#RISE & Dismantle Fear!

On Wednesday's at 12pm EST we gather to pray for and with survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, stalking, and human trafficking on the Restoration Praise Center ReFill Prayer Line (712-432-0375 & use access code 905364#).

This week (8/31/16) we focused our minds & prayers on 2 Chronicles 20! This chapter of 2 Chronicles is so rich with lessons on being fearless! The number one theme that kept coming up for me was living a fearless life is possible! But we must be obedient!


I decided to take the next 12 weeks to focus on my weightloss journey in a most intentional way. I have tried so many times to do the right thing - but the thing I was really missing was a commitment to being obedient to God regarding what I should eat and most of all how I should treat my body!

September 1 is not a huge marker for me, except that there are some other folks I know that have decided to embark on an intense 12 week year writing journey. Initially my focus was straight up weightloss, but now under the guidance of the Holy Spirit i'll write, journal, and vlog about this journey as well.

If you would like to follow along please do so using the hashtag #RISE12

Take care!


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