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Not Guilty

Not guilty.

As the words fall from a judge’s lips a family groans inwardly at the sting of injustice.

Not guilty.

When I hear them I wince and send prayers up for Baltimore.

Not guilty.

Who is going to pay?

In a recent hearing, the words not guilty leave a people choking on the inequality we must eat daily. However, these words do not always leave turmoil in their wake.

For the Christian, these words mean life! Undeserved life. They mean freedom. They mean hope. As I consider Romans 8:1, the words not guilty mean salvation.

In chapter 7 of the same book, Paul asks who can deliver him from the death that is eminent. When the enemy is accusing us because we have done wrong, when he demands the death penalty for our sins, when we stand before the firing squad, Michael stands up!

He opens His palms and shows the scars. Not guilty.

He leans His head back to reveal the thorn marks. Not guilty.

His blood still full, still free. Not guilty.

In the face of injustice the Christian must maintain what we believe. We must forgive freely even when they aren’t sorry… even when they aren’t made to pay simply because… we aren’t made to pay. Jesus paid it all.

Yes, there must be accountability. Yes, there must be a struggle for equity and equality.

But we must also offer others what God freely offers us.

Not guilty may bear the blight of injustice on it for some, but not guilty will always mean sacrificial love to me.


"Shari Loveday, also known as Purpose Girl. I founded Purpose Girl Ministries because I wanted to meet a need I had not so long ago."

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