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Hope Floats

I haven’t been with Salt, Life, and Love since the first Friday in November. Since then, much has transpired to cause many to feel hopeless, fearful, and or marginalized.

November 8th marked the 2016 election of the 45th president of the United States of America. For most, he was not our choice. His very existence means flashbacks and downward spirals for many survivors who have experienced his brand of attention.

For those who are not Caucasian or male, and those who are immigrants, fear and trepidation have become the new old norm. For many, the election sparked the question, “Do I belong here? Is the American dream for me too?”

Memories of uncomfortably tense interactions with Caucasians as a child surface for me. Me, a black woman, an immigrant.

The tension between races are so high, and the forgettables, the survivors, the racially marginalized, the immigrants, the underdogs, we are in danger of losing hope.

For my last post in this series on social injustice and activism, I would like to leave you with this: when it seems that the tide is rising, and you have no buoy, anchor, or life raft, just remember that hope floats.

The more we hope in God, the more He moves on our behalf! NO matter who the president of the United States of America is, God is still the King! When you feel that you are drowning in hurt, discouragement, misfortune, and stress, as the water is swirling all around you, remember… hope floats!

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