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Tried it!

Been there, tried that. Experienced success and have certainly failed. Heard "no" enough times that doubt is second nature. Walking through enough valleys of failure that it is ridiculously easy to lace up the tennis shoes of doubt. But doubt like fear are not characteristics that come from God. 

Doubt is a trap that faith can & has a history of dismantling such an ugly and worthless trap. Faith says to doubt THIS IS NOT OVER. Doubt responds OH REALLY? Faith shuts it down with SIT RIGHT THEREI CAN SHOW YOU BETTER THAN I CAN TELL YOU! Real talk doubt is like a parasite, a weed with thick roots that has the desire and mission to suck the life, joy, patience, peace,  kindness, gentleness, love, self-control, goodness, and faithfulness (Fruit of The Spirit) right out of us!

Doubt is not helpful. Doubt stirs up thoughts in us that make us question if God's promise is legitimately for us. Doubt manipulates us to consider that the VICTORIES God has won on our behalf do not have our name in the fine print! Doubt is a fear tactic used by the defeated foe (satan) to conquer us before we begin to set out on any journey! 

But God is The Only One who can clear our doubt & the debt we have created because of doubt. Let's invite God to clear the doubt by verbally releasing doubt until doubt crumbles in the presence of God! You could say "Lord God, in heaven I RELEASE THE doubts, fears and everything else connected to these issues, concerns, or circumstances". You could say that prayer every single time doubt begins to take root. Say it as an affirmation of faith and as a reminder of who God is. Say it as a declaration that God is capable of doing THE things that look IMPOSSSIBLE in our lives for HIS glory & our good.

DOUBT INVITES US TO WRESTLE IN THE IMPOSSIBLE instead of surrendering the doubt to God for Him to handle every single detail. Faith is the opportunity that sucker punches doubt and renders it helpless and even meaningless in the next portion of our journey with The Lord!

With God it is possible to conquer doubt!

With God it is possible to overcome trauma!

With God it is possible to live free!

With God it is possible to be made whole!

With God the impossible is made POSSIBLE!

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