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being the salt as detailed in matthew 5:13 is about bearing witness to people experiencing oppression, trauma, pain or devastation and we activate to preserve them until Christ returns. today is a tricky day for so many people living and visiting the USA. children are being caged and separated for many whose families are seeking asylum. women are still making less money for the same jobs as their male counterparts. black people in this country are still gunned down and mistreated as a perversion of justice/law enforcement. poor people in this country are disregarded, humiliated, and traumatized. we challenge you to live God's word that we are writing daily. it is our duty to be doers of God's word. it is our privilege to speak up for the most vulnerable. because, J E S U S T A U G H T U S . much salt, life and love to each of you, Ché and Leah | co-founders of Salt, Life, and Love |

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