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I can't

Confession: I cannot save myself. It feels weird to confess that, but it's true. Weird because, we've been socialized to believe we can do everything (eat whatever, go wherever, be whoever) we put our minds to do. This morning after reading Ephesians 2:8-9 I confessed to the Lord my need for Him to help me. Sure we can do all things through Christ, but Christ is not calling us to do it all - only what God has sent us to do.

And the things He sends us to do He equips us for and is there with us as we go through!

I noticed that my bible reading is not as robust as it was this time last year. I am flirting with an 'I will get to it later' posture. This position is dangerous and I'm so grateful for The Holy Spirit nudging me to download (surrender) this posture in prayer. I am simply praying "Lord I need help - I am weak in this area please help me stay as interested, as committed and as excited as I was last year! I have not arrived anywhere but to a new day with its own challenges. I need Your word to go to the next level!" 

Admitting we can't do ________ to the Lord is not a punk move - it's a humble move! And God's word tells us in 2 Chronicles 7:14-15 that humbling ourselves and praying is a power move! 

I can't save myself!

I can't give myself an escape from temptation! I can't give myself God's anointing! I can't give myself a platform above the one God gave! I can't do more for myself or my family than God can!

I can't!

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