We are parents, ministers, and content creators of Salt, Life, and Love. A ministry focused on encouraging folks to be the salt, life, and love in this challenging world.  

We know the benefit of people being the salt firsthand. As non-traditional students, finances don't always overflow. The communities we're part of have helped to cover tuition, sponsor extracurricular activities, purchase groceries, BOUGHT US A VAN, and back to school supplies to name a few.


Our passion is to equip & encourage communities to do exactly what has been done for us and more.

LISTEN to the people, SEEK God first,
then MEET the need! 

We want people to see the love, justice, and hope of Christ through how we live - not just what we say.


CHÉ is an MDiv 23' student at Howard University School of Divinity and serves as Pastoral Intern at Restoration Praise Center.

B. LEAH is an MDiv/MSW 23' joint degree student at Howard University and serves as a Chaplain at Takoma Academy.

WE are available to preach, facilitate workshops, teach, serve as panelists, share poetry, and provide Christian Hip-Hop music at your retreats, block parties, or events.  

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