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You're still not wrong!

If you didn't read yesterday's post I encourage you to start there.This is part 2 of a two-part series on following God. 


When you are faced with an important decision do you pray first and wait for God to answer? Do you wrestle with God in prayer until you are sure that you are sure that you heard His voice leading you? Or do you make the decision first and ask for God to bless your choice? It's super easy to do the latter, because we have been conditioned to be leaders! We have been socialized to lead the way, to show others how things are done and to excel in all that we do. 

If you are a person that normally moves forward and asks God to bless your project or journey, then today I challenge you to seek God before you decide. This process will slow you down (get ready) but what you will experience in the end is hearing from The Perfect God about His Perfect Plan specifically designed for you!

Yielding to God is what healthy servant-leadership looks like in the Body of Christ!

When you follow God, things will go wrong but it doesn't mean that you are wrong for following God or that God is wrong. You might hear God leading you to purchase a home and then the house go up in flames within a year of the purchase. You weren't wrong for purchasing the home. God designed that experience just for you to grow and for you to continue to bear witness to others about His providence. If God has lead you to attend school in another country or thousands of miles away from your home-base and while you are away excelling academically a loved one back home experiences tragedy - you are not wrong for following God thousands of miles away. God uses experiences like that to expand our spiritual, emotional, and physical bandwidth (for our good) and His glory. God can use traumatic things, disappointments, and/or devastation to draw us closer, to equip us for roles we will walk into later, and for us to bear witness of God's beauty in our calamity. 


Following God has been the absolute right thing for me to do. I always experience a supernatural level of peace and courage when I follow God especially when my choice may differ from God's. I trust The Lord with my life, dreams, hopes, goals, and desires. I trust that God knows exactly what I desire and need, so when I follow Him I also feel safe. Safety is a HUGE thing for me as a survivor of sexual violence and as a person that lives in a community that is under-resourced economically.  I know that no matter where God leads me, even if EVERYTHING that could go wrong does while on that journey it doesn't mean that I am wrong for following Him. 

Lastly, following God doesn't always feel good. But I trust that He is making me and is making you more and more beautiful every single time we say "Yes", every time we say "OK, I'll follow", every single time we surrender. In my opinion, following God is always the right thing to do, regardless of how weird or ridiculous it seems. Every disappointment, failed attempt, or disruption God uses to make us more and more beautiful in His time!

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