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I like change.  I like fresh.  I like new. When things are the same I have to admit I get a little antsy.  Although there are certain routines I really like and appreciate.  While discussing my latest change my husband said "babe what you are changing is not really change - it's a cycle." 

His words caused me to consider the changes I prefer and those that make me uncomfortable or afraid.  

I like a fresh hair cut.  But losing weight, though is exciting - what will I wear when I have a smaller body.  I like the idea of moving to a new house and yet the commute will be different and possibly challenging. 

Today I realize, accept and honor that change is in fact cyclical. The seasons change quarterly every year.  We may see one season mesh into the other nonetheless change is cyclical. 

I share all this because there may be someone out there just like me who could use the encouragement below.  Changing is ok. Changing your surroundings, outlook, routine,  mealplan,  workout, church community,  car,  or even job is ok.  The key is to ensure God is with you when you change. 

It's a terrible thing to be changed out here in these streets on your lonesome! Change with God not without Him!

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