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Pray Fast!

NOTE: Every time you see the word FAITH (bold & in caps) in this article click on it.

Have you ever experienced pain due to having faith? Like the moment when you decide to have faith and the dream you had still crumbles. Like taking a risk to hope that you can reach what you have been longing and desiring for and then you lose your grip and fall flat on your face.

I want to talk to you about FAITH that stretches you out! Muscles being stretched that you did not know existed! I want to talk to us about almost giving up on our hopes and dreams because FAITH costs us vulnerability and waiting takes courage! I almost gave up! My weaknesses & doubt made mention of just sitting around when I knew I was made to struggle through rough roads until the until. I have gone to bed crying out words and sounds that Jesus counted as prayers and woke up with NEW MERCIES. The kind of MERCIES that say I can keep on hoping.

HOPE & FAITH is currency that can make purchases that your paycheck will never be able to afford. HOPE, like regardless of the number of failed attempts you resist the urge to give up! The kind of FAITH that says "I'm going to TRY to believe God's promises just for today!"


Hope & Faith is the only currency that would give us the audacity to believe that one day having enough food won't be an issue, that poverty will be a thing of the past, that this disease won't keep me from my destiny, that the incarceration won't disrupt God's anointing, that the loss of a child is not the end of me, that there is still living left to live! That I can wait on the Lord as He renews my strength!


The Lord's currency gives us the kind of courage that declares it ain't over til' God says! The type of courage that gives you peace while you be obedient to God's instruction to wait!

Maybe this article is just for me this morning, I am OK with that. But I have a feeling that I am not the only one who needs to place doubt on the chopping block! I have a feeling that I am not the only one who needs to fast from doubt! I have a feeling that I am not the only one who needs to let FAITH loose so it can wear doubt out in an alley because a boxing ring is way too safe! It's time to let our FAITH in Christ access to those deep hidden valleys in us, to finish doubt once and for all!

This is the moment when you want to surrender to doubt and you're crying tears big enough to fill rivers because doubting that you will ever win is easier than being brokenhearted again. And you feel like it's never going to be your time. This is the moment that FAITH needs to finish the work! Let FAITH in through the Spirit of God. The same FAITH that resurrected Jesus from the d-e-a-d dead is the same FAITH that can hold you til' the destiny God promised you is manifested in real time!

Let FAITH in. All you need is a mustard seed size to move a whole mountain out of your way! I know you are ready to give up the dream. I know you are tired of carrying these mustard seeds around so go ahead and plant them as the Lord gives you direction! Keep crying out to the Lord - He can handle you and all your doubt and fear and anxiety! The key is to not carry that doubt back with you after you utter or groan out the word "amen". We have to leave the prayer having transferred our doubt with Jesus strength! Let FAITH in! Your balance of FAITH & HOPE should increase after that kind of transfer because FAITH is currency! Because HOPE is currency and it TAKES COURAGE to spend it!

I can't promise you that it won't be uncomfortable or even painful to have FAITH. You might lose several times. Your FAITH might be willing even though you fail while you are trying to fly higher. But I believe that God notices our FAITH and will raise in us HOPE one more time! That God measures our FAITH and gives us an extra breath when we are completely winded by the race!

This personal praying & fasting (day 35) that I have been on is no joke! And to think as I finish up day 40 with just me and the Lord I will be on day 8 of 31 with my church family! The Lord is maturing me. Giving me all kinds of tools to dig up weeds that have been growing for decades! Roots of doubt and fear other people dropped off in my garden that I decided to cultivate and nurture! NOT TODAY! NOT ANOTHER MOMENT! NO MORE DOUBT! I believe I am gon' keep on going to see what the end gon' be! I believe and know that God has tools crafted just for you too. Tools to dig up every root that causes you to doubt, have fear, and not trust God!

I believe you have a little more fight left in you.

I believe you have a little more FAITH to spend.

I believe you ain't done with HOPE.

I believe doubt can't sustain itself in you because you know too much about FAITH & HOPE & LOVE with God by your side!

I leave you with this prayer as you fast from doubt and fear too. Let FAITH in!


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