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I could not imagine our 13 year old daughter sons homeless. Hopping from couch to couch, staying in abandoned buildings or living under bridges. And yet many youth between the ages of 12-17 are doing just that everyday in our region (DMV: DC, MD, VA).

Homelessness is not just problems that adults have who gambled everything away, or is on drugs, or was fired or got a layoff notice. Problem is oftentimes when we think of homeless people the thought typically that follows is 'I wonder what they did to end up like that.' There is usually deviance associated with homelessness vs vulnerability and/or oppression. Homelessness is an every person's problem. Homelessness is our problem! Especially youth homelessness!

JESUS CALLED US TO BE THE SALT. To take care, support, encourage, and preserve people until Jesus returns.

Youth who become homeless experience this for a variety of reasons. The streets being better than an abusive household. Forced to make a friend's couch or the streets home because their parent/guardian declared that they had had enough. Some youth become homeless as they are trying to navigate their sexual identity. Other youth are homeless because they have escaped abusive group homes, relatives and/or family friends that live in the home.

Whatever the reason, we desire that no child make the streets their home. Youth are already extremely vulnerable due to age, lack of income, lack of wisdom that comes with maturity, and/or disabilities wherever present. So we have decided to partner with Takoma Academy Prep School in Takoma Park, MD to sponsor #JEANS4TEENS throughout the month of October.

Please consider helping us meet our goal of collecting 320+ pairs of NEW or GENTLY USED JEANS! You can mail jeans, send us cash via PayPal or drop off your donated jeans to Takoma Academy Prep School (8300 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, MD).

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