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One thing I love about Yahweh is I know He can handle it! He can handle me! All of my crap, fears, doubts, worries, and challenges! And every time I scrape myself up from desperation, frustration and/or idolatry I sense that Yahweh is standing with the widest open arms with this look of complete love as He says "Welcome Home Daughter."

When I come to Yahweh with my junk He gives me the space to unpack. Sad part is our stuff is not always neatly packed. Sometimes our stuff is all over the place and it is not organized in a nice box (prayer). Sometimes the kitchen (discontentment) is in the same box with our living room decor (resentfulness).

But Hallelujah when we come home He reorganizes our mess in such a way that it doesn't appear to have ever been disorganized. He makes us new. He restores our souls in ways that we may say "How could I ever not come to You - Oh Lord, with my whole self?!"


Today is a great day to start over (again). Here are a few tips on how to start over:

  • Confess your stuff to the Lord. The stuff that frustrates you, the unforgiveness, the resentment, the anger, the worry, the every time they got on your nerves, the long suffering that you are enduring. The ALL OF IT! (1 JOHN 1:9)

  • Receive His Spirit that is freeing, empowering, healing, and works to complete you. (JOHN 14:16)

  • Walk away from that prayer believing that He has rescued you, reorganized you, restored you, and saved you (again). (JAMES 1:6)

Shabbat Shalom. I pray you have a blessed Sabbath day in The Lord.

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