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Trash The Dress!

I am in the middle of a Back to School purging & organizing season and my eyes keep scaling my wedding gown. It is such a gorgeous gown, but is not one that I anticipate ever needing to wear again. When we renew our vows I plan to wear something modest but much shorter than a floor length gown with train and definitely a bit more sexier. I would love it if my children would wear a swatch (Michael & Gabriel could wear it as a handkerchief & Dance could work it into her bouquet) on their wedding days. But what if that's not their thing?

My wedding gown was the 2nd most expensive thing I've ever purchased on my own so it is a big deal but i'm also not interested in holding on to things that don't have an acute purpose. After the wedding I did not take the gown to the cleaners for preservation & boxing services; the gown is literally in its garment bag on the top shelf of our bedroom closet.

Holding on to the gown makes me think about issues that I/we often hold on to - simply because of sentiment. How many of us are holding onto broken pieces of our hearts,

un-forgiveness, distrust, and/or anxiety about paying tuition or other bills? Holding on to stuff that is not increasing our ability to serve God or others is taking up too much space in our walk. I desire to let the un-tangible & tangible go that distract me, separate me, and/or weigh me down simply because there is too much of it. I want to be free physically, spiritually, socially, emotionally, romantically, and financially.

I declare NO MORE WALLS that keep me in bondage.

There is nothing wrong with holding on to our wedding attire, I am just in a place where I am noticing how much stuff I acquire and how much of it do I really need to hold on to. I want to be so free physically, emotionally, and spiritually that releasing items is easy. I mean, what if we lost everything to a disaster or due to theft? That's a good enough reason for me to let it go.

The most interesting part about my desire to trash "my gown" is the concept of oneness with my husband. If we are one then i guess he has a say in this decision too. My husband is a sentimental guy; what if this man is sold out on us keeping "my gown"? I guess we'll have to see how that conversation goes, but my mind is at peace about it either way.

Did you wear a wedding gown? Do you still have your gown? I'm curious about your experiences. Leave a comment.

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