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DAY 19 || still GRATEFUL for poverty

Testimony. You ever forget what you needed because God has used so many people in the last few days to share their resources with you WITHOUT YOU ASKING FOR IT! I legit don't even know what we need anymore!!!! It's like when you spend so much time praying and agonizing over what you don't have you can lose track of the fact that God provides. And then when He does provide and the Word of God comes alive you can forget what you were crying about earlier that week.  We are overwhelmed to say the least! Since sharing "The Ministry of Poverty", thanking God for gifting us with poverty individuals have dropped off supermarket gift cards, sent cash to our PayPal, and then that surprise from our church family yesterday!!!!!!!! Poverty is not usually something we thank God for. But when you consider that THE LORD IS OUR SHEPHERD, that HE GIVES & TAKES AWAY, that HE IS OUR WAYMAKER, that HE HAS NEVER LEFT US OR FORSAKEN US... I am no longer trying to chase the next big job, gig or promotion. I'm not complacent - I trust God. I'm not settling - I believe God. I am challenged to no longer worry first about the next crisis as a result of Poverty. I will thank God for it. 

Now my focus is to change my response to the nuances of poverty. When the bill comes and we can't pay it, I don't have to go through the emotional agony. I can trust God. When the kids have us another expense ($20 field trips, $15 classroom parties...) at school I dont have to emote negatively. I can trust God and ask for help necessary.

Trusting God can be my go-to now.  Not because I'm naive but because this method is tried & true!

God cares even when it feels like all is going wrong or you are living through one crisis after the other. If there is anything we can do to support you please let us know 

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