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I used to crave attention on stages and hitting the mic in big crowds was my favorite thing to secure for myself regularly. Today, I am content with being part of the crowd that is seeking God, serving behind the scenes and making sure the laundry is folded.

There is more. There are other roles that I know I will need to fill, but for now I am #humblessed - the intersection of being humble + blessed. I like this position. It's low profile, almost like I am in hiding. I like it now (emphasis on now) - but I used to hate it. Between 2015 - 2017 I felt invisible, isolated, and insignificant. But that is the language of defeat that satan would try to lure me and you to adopt for our own lives. Instead let's fight the temptation to accept those thoughts with affirmations of faith like:

I am seen by The Creator of heaven and earth!

I am set apart (consecrated) for a special work!

I am one of Yahweh's greatest ideas!

Let's pay attention (2 Corinthians 10:5) to the thoughts and ideas that slide passed the DM of our minds and souls! Some messages ought to be deleted, marked as spam, and blocked without even taking the time to read them. The defeated foe (satan) is literally making every attempt to trip us up and tempt us to believe that we have not been chose, assigned, anointed, and are not being prepared (Ephesians 1:4-5) to live out a call, purpose or a particular kind of lifestyle that brings God glory since before the beginning of time.

I know God is preparing us in this hidden and sometimes dark place. I know that everyday when we wake up it's time to do more than rise + grind. It's time to stay low, stay focused and stay free.

God has a specific assignment for us! There is no time to squander. Get real low (humble) and be blessed by His presence. James 4:10 reminds us of the bounty, beauty, and blessing of being low in humility. We have to remain confident of what God has called and staying humble is eternally fruitful, there is a harvest in being humble before the Lord in serving that we don't have room enough to receive it! As a matter of fact, humility will open doors that pride could only dream of entering.

Our purpose is secure.

We need to be humble, prayerful, and ready to move as God calls us.

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