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Just saying. #TheWaitingRoom isn't all that scary or frustrating. Get some writing done in there. Get some praying time in while you wait. Learn something new while you wait.

Waiting sucked for quite some time (2015-2017) for me, primarily because I was ready to do something different. I desired the next level more than the current level. There was nothing anyone could tell me to convince me I was not ready until The Lord slowed me way down in my tracks.

We moved to Maryland to pursue our degrees. Ché was enrolled while I fought back tears daily because my loans were all jacked up after an attempt to consolidate them. This meant I could not start my Master's program immediately. I was devastated because I had to wait. I rationalized the wait by convincing myself at one point that I wasn't supposed to go back to school. But it was in that wait that this happened.

  1. Our children got some concentrated time with their mommy. I was able to work from home for the first two months and once the boys were enrolled into a free full time Pre-K program - I was the parent getting our 3 children off the bus, helping with homework, bath time and bedtime routines. Prior to 2015 that experience was largely left to my husband.

  2. I got to cry and feel all the feelings. This is important, because I didn't need to hide them. I cried in our bedroom, at the sink, at church during worship, and in the shower. Those tears were cathartic. Those tears helped me to release the pain and frustration and challenges I was facing internally.

  3. God further revealed to me His purpose and intention for my life in context to being a minister (servant of God). I thought I knew - but I didn't really know.

  4. I started a bible reading plan that shifted my whole core. I am now reading God's word not just to prepare for a sermon, workshop, poetry or writing a blog. I read because I want to hear God's voice.

  5. I was given the opportunity to create RISE; a space at Restoration Praise Center for people who've experienced interpersonal violence.

I share this part of my testimony because most of us despise waiting. Waiting in rooms that stink, are loud, are sterile, or waiting in rooms for entirely too long.

Waiting Rooms are not typically places most of us prefer to be.

We want our name called as soon as we check in with the receptionist.

We want to meet with the provider as soon as possible.

We don't want everyone speculating (I do it too) what we are waiting for because sometimes we don't know and don't know how to answer that question. "What brings you here?"

The Waiting Room is what it is. Waiting is required. And I ain't done sitting in waiting rooms. I know God will take my desire (checking in at receptionist) and ask me to have a seat again and again. Because developing characteristics like Christ is not a one and done experience via baptism, ordination, or after being conferred in your field of study. I have no idea when i'll "arrive" but I know who is leading and directing me - and that makes me know what safety is.

Get used to waiting.

Waiting for God to speak.

Waiting for your character to be matured.

Waiting with others that are sitting in the waiting room.

Get used to waiting.

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