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May I write

Last month I spent time writing short poems daily.  During that time i was impressed to keep on writing. For the month of May I'm keeping track of these 31 days with 31 poems! 

I'm excited and kind of nervous.  I don't like to fail.  And sometimes because of my fear of failure I decide not to try.  So I'm putting my business on front street as a form of accountability.  

Short poems are different. You would think they are easier to write but not so much.  This challenge is making me more intentional to release power in short form. This time I won't be sharing the entire poem daily but a short line instead (got something up my sleeve 😉).

Below are the writing prompts for the month and my day 1. The writing prompts are rooted in scripture which makes this writing challenge that much sweeter.  

I invite you to join me on this writing adventure. Tag #bethesaltpoetry and we'll see each other on the interwebs.  

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