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I have a coach now.  We've met via telephone 3 times including yesterday. Each time she has used words that I have used to encourage and energize people I've ministered to.  She says she can see the victory ahead.  I used to see it really clearly but in the last four years that sight was veiled with distractions and disappointments.  

She holds me accountable. She prays for me. She challenges me. Today I am most grateful for her sight.  She is helping me to see that God has already made me victorious in this area. I just need to be coached.  I just need to put one foot in front of the other.  I just need to get to the battlefield where the victory has already been won!

Below is yesterday's (5/7/2019) short line from a short poem about victory based on Deuteronomy 


Don't be afraid, take the next step to wellness, victory, purpose and to Christ.   

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