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keep showing up

Ratchet Faith that produces faithfulness keeps sending me into rooms where I don't want to be or I struggle to be at times. Every place we have a seat at the table may not be a place we want or find pleasure being there.  Maybe it's due to poor compensation, lack of appreciation or the conditions are inadequate or unhealthy.  But something keeps driving us there. 

I want to suggest that sometimes we have this nosy kind of faith.  We want to make sure we stick around long enough to see the change come.  Sometimes we know our purpose and recognize this seat at the table is preparing us for this life.  Other times we recognize that this is the life. 

Wherever you are in your understanding of why you have the audacity to keep showing up, I encourage you to run that thing to God in prayer.  Ask God why you should keep showing up.  Ask God how you should keep showing up. Finally ask God for the faithfulness and strength and zeal and joy to keep showing up. 

Below is a short line from today's short poem about Ratchet Faith based on Matthew 21:22.

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