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Packing (day 1)

A new journey for me begins today. Come to think of it a new journey should begin for each of us daily. As I reflect, pray and listen to God in this season I can't help but be grateful as I pack. Grateful that God has a destiny just for me. Grateful that I have a glimpse of what that destination is. Grateful that I have been equipped with the resources to prepare for the journey ahead. Grateful that God is not only traveling with me but has already been to the destination and has created space and opportunities just for me - with my name on it!

There are some things on my packing list that will come with me. Others will have to be thrown away. I am convinced that every time I pack that there will be limitations on what I bring with me. It doesn't matter if I am packing to move out of town, across the street or if I am packing for a trip.

The art of packing requires that we take proper inventory and evaluation. We have to evaluate the following:

1. The destination

2. Length of the journey

3. Method of travel for the journey

4. Resources that will or won't be available to us during the journey and at the destination

5. Climate while on the journey and at our destination

6. Are there other people or pets that are journeying with you


We cannot bring everything on the journey.


After we assess the journey and the destination we then need to determine what is going to be packed for the trip, what will be left behind, and what if anything needs to be completely trashed - never to be used or accessed again. I need you to know that ratchet faith is required for this level of assessment. I know what you are thinking 'I need ratchet faith to pack for Disney World? C'mon sis!' The truth is - you sure do. If we take everything with us we'll be paying ridiculous amounts of money for the weight of our luggage (if we are flying). If we take everything with us there won't be enough room in the car/van that we're driving. We have to trust/hope/believe/have faith that what we pack will be enough. See - ratchet faith!

Today, I leave behind my want to expose every detail of my life for others consumption. I love to tell my story but some pieces of my story are still being written. And I am now at a place where I feel good about saving something for next time. God is still unfolding these truths about my life. And this time there are pieces that I will reserve just for my conversations (prayers) with God.

It's time to go.

What are you packing?

What are you leaving behind?

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