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ratchet faith

it's being something that you didn't think you had the capacity to be.

it's moving forward with God even when you don't think you can.

it's asking God to lead because you know that you can't do it without God.

it's recklessly abandoning everything you thought you knew to follow God.

it's telling God you're scared - and because God says "don't worry baby - I got you" you decide to follow.

it's making decisions that impress God.

it's what Rahab did when she hid those men in her balcony.

it's what Sarai and Abrahm did when they left everything they knew to follow God.

it's what Mary did when she poured that oil on The Messiah's feet.

it's what you do when you exercise WHATEVER measure of faith you have - cuz faith without works is DEAD!

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