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We have had to change our bedtimes, work schedules, and as husband and wife our intimate relational routine (in the spirit of transparency). The one thing in all of this that has not changed is God's will, God's providence, God's LOVE, and God's presence!

It does not matter how many transitions we experience. It does not matter how many jobs we start or stop. It does not matter how much weight we lose or gain. It does not matter how many friends choose to stop being connected. I mean those things are significant but those experiences do not shift God away from us. If anything God starts to get closer to us. We may find God inviting us to deeper relationship during monumental transitions.

We can live secure and complete and full lives just because God will not change.

When you go through a transition - try really hard not to get distracted with the turmoil in the moment. God is in the middle of that trouble and I guarantee you - God is working overtime to get you to look at Him.

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