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Are you a flirt?

Marriages are made of many ingredients and we are suggesting that one major ingredient which acts as an organic preservative is FLIRTING! There are countless reasons why lovers stop flirting, don't flirt as much or don't even see the need for flirting with each other. But marriage is about fighting! Fighting against what we prefer to do vs. what we need to do. Fighting against what we want to get the things we need.

Husbands & Wives this is a call to you! Flirt with each other like there is no tomorrow!

Listed below are 8 reasons to NEVER stop flirting!

1. Flirting shows your lover you are still intersted.

2. Flirt because you love your spouse.

3. Flirt because you want your spouse.

4. Be flirty with your spouse because it keeps you young at heart.

5. We find that flirting contributes to our intimacy bank!

6. It is a rich form of communication.

7. Flirting keeps us focused.

8. It is spontaneous & super fun!

Stay tuned for more on this topic!

Photo Credit: Keith Claytor of TimeFrozen Photography

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