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Some of us have never been in a physical FIGHT so we have trouble conceptualizing a spiritual fight!

Here are a few tips for FIGHTING spiritually:

1. DON'T GIVE UP - keep swinging, keep ducking, keep kicking, don't stop!

2. DON'T RUN - as long as you run from the thing you need to FIGHT it will keep coming back. Square Up your body and mind and FIGHT!

3. TRUST GOD - when you get tired of fighting don't stop. This is the time when you have to trust that GOD has given you the stamina needed to FIGHT and that your enemy is weaker than you (even if the opponent or enemy hits hard)! We believe the JESUS is in us is stronger than the enemy!

4. FIGHT LIKE A CHAMP - you don't get to show up to the FIGHT like you ain't prepared to win! Show up like you were made for this battle!

4 Reasons we need to fight:

1. We want to be HEALTHY (physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially...)

2. We are ADVOCATES for other people. Advocating for others means we need to be ready for the fight at all costs! The goal in advocacy is to win the battle for your client, community, and/or families!

3. You are in opposition to all the ways life can beat us up. You hate poverty, sexual violence, racism, and discrimination against folks with disabilities...

4. You recognize that your life's purpose is to be VICTORIOUS!

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