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M E N this one is for you! You have to get dressed so you might as well look good!

If there is one thing our family has learned and continue to develop, it is our sense of style. But also how to create the wardrobe we desire without breaking the bank!

Have you ever shopped in a thrift store or consignment shop? You should give it a try! Think about the men you saw today and their dapper threads! Well many men donate lots of the goods (gently used and NEW) to thrift stores and consignment shops.

We have way to many hangups about where we buy our clothes from. Clothing that looks good and feels good and didn't cost us our entire paycheck is the new B L A C K! We want to encourage you and your family to be the best stewards over the resources God has given so graciously to you!

Stay tuned for more posts about fashion. Posts will range from our shopping trips, what we love to wear in our family, modest gear for kids, and tips on how to look good and still feed your children!

Happy Shopping!

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