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Let's Be Friends {part 1}

I started the 6th grade in a strange land. No friends, no understanding of the culture, no clue as to what the trendy things were and no ideas on how I would connect with others. My dad had just graduated from Colgate Rochester Seminary and accepted a call to pastor a congregation in Plainfield, NJ. We left every relationship acquired in Rochester, NY. I left Kizzie, Bukeka, Nekeisha, Yolanda, and Tanjanika!

The most significant thing about my 1st day at Evergreen Elementary School was recess. I was teased for my style of dress. And there was Kisa & Ty! Thank God for girls that heard their mothers - I am sure say ‘be kind and welcome the opportunity to make new friends’. I am so grateful for those Black girls now women! I am forever thankful for their smiles, laughter, the secrets they maintained and the secrets they shared with me!

27 years later and making friends doesn't intimidate me. The challenge I see way too often is maintaining friendships that are healthy and vibrant and experience growth. I certainly do not have a lot of answers. I do have quite a few experiences that have induced tears of joy and sorrow. I do have this unwavering hope to be the kind of friend that I would want around me!

I am blessed to be challenged by God to take a deeper look at friendships. You are welcome to join me on this journey as I seek G

od for more clarity on what to expect in friendships but also what to give in friendships. Most of us want healthy friendships but really have no clue how to contribute to one!

Here is a guide


I was led to create and have been checking out from day to day.

I'm on Day 7!

Follow #girlsgirlsgirls for more posts about this guide for {Girl}friends!

There is so much to say about friendships and i will not cram it all in this post.

Stay tuned!

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