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We gotta STOP lying friends. If we know The Christ our lifestyle should refelct that knowledge. Our diet, speech, love life, our work ethic, our choices, what we watch and listen to, how we treat each other should all reflect our knowledge and acknowledgement of The Christ.‪

Five ways we continuously lie about our relationship with Jesus:

1. We don't love our neighbors as ourselves! We place more value over our own lives than we do of others. We consider ourselves 1st and show very little to no compassion, support, and/or advocacy for others.

2. We cheat on our spouses and we cheat on God. God desires a relationship with us. God wants to be our only lover in the same way that our spouses desire to be the only one we are devoted to. When we sin (do, think, say things that separate us from God) we are what God calls adulterers.

3. We choose to disregard what God is saying to us via scripture and/or inspiration. God instructs us to do things that bring Him glory and honor. We've found that ignoring God does not work in our favor and we try to stay connected to God to hear so that we can do.

We don't always get it right - but we vow to take this walk one step at a time.

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