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H A P P Y N E W Y E A R ?

The truth is some of us are not excited about a new year. The truth is many of our neighbors, loved ones, friends, colleagues, and ministry partners may be suffering with all types of trauma and/or depression. We recognize that the turning of a new year may not be welcome by all. But our prayer is that in 2016 you experience the following:

- love that grows in and around you that causes you be exactly who God intended you to be

- safety in your body, home, and relationships

- the resources you need to have your basic needs met as well as to fund any special projects and initiatives that you have visions to carry out

- dreams that are bigger than you think you can achieve

- justice for you and the folks in your circle

- a desire for you to develop regular self care practices

- more outlets to express yourself creatively

- an encounter with God that restores your hope

- a sense of urgency to speak up for others that are facing challenges

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