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What is so unique and special about a few hours from now? Is there really something that amazing and wonderful and ridiculously awesome about tomorrow (Jan. 1.)? Is it possible to experience that euphoria today?

Waiting is an essential part of living. However, we are suggesting that you don't need to wait until midnight to C E L E B R A T E! We are suggesting that every single day ought to be honored as the day you soar! Each day is an opportunity to be more, do more, and love more.

Take hostage this moment and live it out L O U D.

2015 may not have been a year full of victories and 2016 may not be the year that is filled with more triumphs than challenges. Therefore, remember one thing if nothing else, you were made in excellence and you can E X C E L.

As you say goodbye to 2015 - we hope you begin to notice God drawing you closer (the real victory).

Happy New Year,

Ché & Leah

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