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Keep Crying Out!

Can God really hear us? YES!

I am confident of this not because of all the prayers God has answered. Not because of any enormous visions I have seen. Not even because of others testimonies! I am confident in God hearing us - because He said so!

This is faith and it is ridiculously uncomfortable.

Faith is:

  • Looking for something that God told you is in your local, regional, or global environment!

  • Quitting a job with no idea how you are going to take care of your financial obligations!

  • Leaving your home (parents, siblings, friends) state to pursue a new academic adventure!

  • Starting a new business with no savings!

  • Advocating for victims of interpersonal and sexual violence!

  • Marrying the man or woman of your prayers and not your dreams!

  • Beginning a radical self care practice!

  • Changing your lifelong eating habits to pursue a healthier lifestyle!

  • Homeschooling your children with no teaching experience!

  • Being a White person and challenging other White folks on their racism!

  • Being a man and challenging other men on their sexism!

  • O B E Y I N G God no matter what!

So when you have those moments when Jesus invites you to step out on water and you're crying out, and sobbing, and maybe even challenging God to show you how things are going to work out for your good but you don't really hear God saying much back to you! KEEP CRYING OUT!

Sometimes it will feel like the crickets are louder than God - keep CRYING OUT!

Sometimes it seems like the naysayers communicate more than God - keep CRYING OUT!

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