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Ephesians 6 gives us a glimpse of what it must be like for soldiers to get ready for the battle! There are so many pieces of gear necessary in order to wage wars. Just like soldiers in armed forces that defend countries and territories; we too must be equipped! Are you ready to go to battle?

The battle might be:

  • feeding your children

  • applying for a new job

  • submitting an application for graduate, medical, or law school

  • praying for miracles to happen for your loved ones

  • returning to work after surgery

  • taking the bus for the first time

  • meeting new people

  • dating after a bad break up

  • addressing issues of interpersonal violence

Does not matter what type of battle or where the battlefields are - it is imperative that after you get dress (prepare, study, hit send, pray etc...) that you STAND!

Don't rehearse what you could have done. Don't get stuck thinking about all the things you should have said. YOU JUST NEED TO STAND!

STAND knowing that God's grace is sufficient.

STAND knowing that whatever God intends for you will be!

STAND being sure that everything will work out for your good!

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