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How do you wait?

Sometimes we wait with open arms.

Sometimes we wait with the type of anticipation that leads to tears.

Sometimes the wait feels like it is in vain.

Waiting is completely uncomfortable at times. Right now we are waiting to see what happens after Leah has applied for several jobs within in her field. This is uncomfortable, particularly because the bills are piling up, the meals are becoming routine (rice & beans, peas & rice, vegetable fried rice), and rent is due. We are grateful for the meals we can eat. We are so overwhelmingly blessed because we know our situtation could be worse! We recognize that we are not experiencing extreme poverty and yet it is uncomfortable!

And yet we remain H O P E F U L .

We choose to wait with HOPE in our mouths - that we have not been forgotten, forsaken, or dismissed! We choose to wait with HOPE in our hands; so that all the work we do with them will bear delicious fruit! We decide to live with HOPE - casting down every single doubt or worry.

Real talk, money is necessary but God knows this. This is note is relevant to our current circumstance & we encourage you to remain H O P E F U L - no matter what!

jeremiah 29:11

deuteronomy 31:6

isaiah 40:31

romans 12:12

romans 15:13

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