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Have you ever?

Have you ever considered what life would be like without clean(er) drinking & bathing water? I have never considered being without clean(er) drinking & bathing water! I live in the US in a city not too far away from our nations capitol. To be honest it was not until Flint, MI began to have national attention because of their poisoned water did I even think 'might our water be poisoned too!?'

I turn the faucet on to wash dishes, to make tea or coffee, to wash celery for our vegetable fried rice tonight, to wash my face and brush my teeth! And not once do I have to remind myself not to turn the water on or to not use the water! We turn it on and utilize the resource!

I am so grateful that my husband and ministry partner was able to travel to Flint, MI this past week to serve, grow, and love others through fellowship, worship and water distribution!

Today our hearts are overwhelmed with the poisoning of our fellow brothers & sisters in the Flint, MI area and every other area in the US that is suffering from environmental & social injustice!

Today it is our hope & prayer that these issues and the infrastructure to which the issues were caused by be CHANGED, that whomever is responsible for these issues are judged according to their role in the problem and that all illness be healed! We pray and hope that every resident that has experienced discomfort be restored, comforted, and empowered! And that anyone who has been displaced would have every resource used returned to them as God sees fit!

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