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no words

Copyright 2016 Leah Burgess "B.Leah"

i have anger.

i have fear.

i have rage.

i have bewilderment.

i have pent up frustration.

i have gas.

i have belly issues.

i have a desire to eat emotionally.

i have a husband that loves the life into me.

i have children that plan to see me at the end of this day.

i have parents that taught me.

i have a sister planning a wedding.

i have a brother planning a baller career.

i have a church family that looks for me.

i have sister-friends that desire connection.

i have a job.

i have health insurance.

i have a dream.

i have a goal.

i have a plan.

i have a mind to keep going.

i have one more portion of hope.

i have one more desire to keep going.

i have The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

i have this moment.

i have the skin on my back.

i have stretchmarks.

i have a bunion forming on my left foot.

i have the same wedding band as my lover.

i have too many blessings to count.

i have time for love.

i have enough.


at a loss for words as i experience the 130+ killing of a Black person in the United States of America. i am tired. i am frustrated. i am Black in America.

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