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Fear literally will stunt your growth!

I was so afraid this morning that I didn't want to eat for fear that my choice for breakfast would be wrong and would disrupt my goal to lose weight! But when we are too afraid to make a mistake or a poor choice sometimes we might not actually do anything at all! Making poor choices is how we learn and grow.

Part of Godly victory is taking a risk in a direction. If that choice ends up being a poor choice - then learn from it, repent from it and keep it moving. This morning I made some chickpea & spinach patties and ate that with 1/2 cup of grits. It was so tasty but after eating it I thought 'maybe I should not have had the grits, because I planned on eating a sandwich later with gluten free bread'. Now the grits were not terrible, but if I had to do it over again I would have eaten the chickpea patties on a bed of lettuce and a smoothie on the side.

I am working through this fear, because I want the victory!

Today I am speaking to my fears using

2 Chronicles 20 with a specific emphasis on verse 15!

Are you taking some time to focus on your health? Feel free to share your journey with me! It's time to Rise!

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