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I Corinthians 13 is one of the recipes of love that God gave to humanity! Unfortunately there are too many men, women, and youth that are in relationships that are not only toxic but are downright deadly! Whether you call it domestic violence, relationship violence, interpersonal violence it doesn't really matter. What matters is that survivors experience safety and the kind of love that includes respect, honor, sincerity, friendship, loyalty, active listening, and the type of love that is amazingly active! Love doesn't hurt, people do!

If you are in a relationship or marriage and you don't feel safe because your partner or spouse does any or all of what is listed (list is not exhaustive) below; and you want to talk with someone about it please know support is available!

  • belittle you

  • emotionally assault you

  • verbally harass or assault you

  • hit you

  • bite you

  • kick you

  • cheat on you & blame it on you

  • uses financial income to abuse you

  • manipulate you

  • spread rumors about you

  • forces you to have sexual intimacy

  • coerces you to have sexual intimacy

  • forces you to have sexual intimacy with other people

  • isolates and/or restricts you from spending time with family or friends

  • restricts you from worshiping God

  • destroys your property

  • abuses your pets

  • restrict you from being able to travel alone to work, school, church etc...

  • controls you


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