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Still Waiting

A prayer for all of us waiting.

Lord, as I sit here not knowing much of anything pertaining to work. This holding, waiting, and stillness feels safe right now primarily because one major bill was paid. But here it is November 1st and there is not enough money to cover rent or utilities. Father God in heaven, I really don't need to know what you are doing. But if you can share with us a little about the why we have been waiting so that we can be sure to learn the lessons necessary to be healthy soldiers for you.

God in heaven I am uncomfortable with this waiting process, this financial insecurity, this not knowing how or where we are going. Father I know you are aware of how long we have been waiting. I know that you are aware of what is ahead of us. I am so grateful for your provision God and am trusting you to continue to carry us.

In Jesus name.


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