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she broke (part 2 of 3)

I have noticed a trend on social media where we declare that it's "cleaning time". We clean out our closets, our wallets, and even our friend & family circles. I am not a relationship expert but I do believe God is having us to consider what it means to be in relationship with others. I believe God is calling His children closer to consider how we connect with others, after all He calls us to #bethesalt and to #bethelight. So as we break down our list of things we aspire to be each new year let's seek The Lord. We want to be sure to throw away and/or disconnect from things and people that He is separating us from.

The truth is that we meet people so often, especially those of us that actively work in ministry. We meet folks, and they are speaking so much life and power into our spirit. Building us up! Some of these folks remind us of what we were intending to do. Some of these folks remind us of our family or friends that we have lost along the way. And as folks begin to carve out what they desire to experience in 2017 we may find ourselves in the pile of things and people that others are getting rid of.

I do not like thinking about people as disposable. To be honest there I have a deep sensitivity when it comes to how we dispense of people and relationships that we no longer feel serve us any purpose. Don't get me wrong every person we know ain't gon' walk with us our entire journey. We all have to take self-inventory and make sure that we are growing and glorifying God. But, this is for those of us who are experiencing the separation from folks that no longer need our connection. Strap on your WHOLE ARMOR & dig deeper.

So while others may find that their connection with you is finite I challenge and urge you to seek The Lord for

ACCEPTANCE + JOY + PERFECT LOVE + STRENGTH instead of sitting in




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