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she broke (part 3 of 3)

I have been on both sides of the pile. I have walked away from connections, jobs, and things but I have also been separated from jobs, people, and things without my consent.

Sitting in the pile is awkward, uncomfortable and in some cases painful. The feelings of rejection are real. The awkwardness & pain of reaching out to a loved one and they consistently respond with one or two short words. The reality that sets in on the first day you wake up without a job to commute to. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. But so is GOD!

God is a mass of destruction & building! God will tear something down just to build it back up the way it was originally intended. Jesus talked about temples being torn down and being raised up again! We are not exempt. Our jobs are not exempt. The relationships we hold dear are not exempt. The business connections we establish and maintain are not exempt.

Living a life in concert with God means that we are the benefactors of His Kingdom on earth and in heaven. And sometimes we will experience the pain and discomfort of His building & destroying! Be honest with God about what it feels like to be separated from people, jobs, and/or property. Allow God to heal the wounds that the separation have left behind. Try to be still knowing that God cares for every aspect of your life and that while this may be uncomfortable and/or painful that His healing is best. I love Solange's song "Cranes in the sky" because it describes what most of us do when we attempt to experience healing. Look at these first few lyrics:

This is tested and proven in my own life; the discomfort of losing someone or something that means a lot to us was more difficult when I tried to heal myself. The moment I released the relationship or job to The Lord my perspective changed! Are you ready to experience the awkward silence or curt responses from friends or family members that are walking away? Are you ready to be uncomfortable in your workplace or business? Are you ready? Below are a few ways that you can get ready. I want you to be prepared & not caught off-guard. The pain and discomfort of separation is coming; but we can experience it differently next time.

  1. SUBMIT your mind, body, and soul to God daily. Anticipate His leading and preparation for the day's events.

  2. SURRENDER every relationship, connection, position, role, and/or possession to The Lord as an act of worship. It signifies that your relationships, jobs, and things are not more important than God who gave you these!

  3. STOP playing the victim. Experience the hurt and pain and discomfort. Journal it. Pray about it. But please do yourself a favor and usher those hurts, discomforts and anger to the Lord so that He can fill your cup.

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