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Oppression exists and we need social justice. This statement in my opinion is not debatable or up for the approval of others. Jesus said it. I agree with Him.

Truth is, I am passionate about speaking truth to power. I'm passionate about raising my fist against systems that abuse and oppress the marginalized. But what I know for sure as an advocate, activist, and speaker is that my job is not to fix oppression! My job is to apply pressure, prayer, and pour out on to the people what God puts in me as it relates to social justice.

When I was about 8 years old I remember being in West Philly and watching a family's home be bombed and burned. With my own eyes I saw a system (law enforcement) operate a calculated plan against MOVE. But what I heard in the background by journalists and other adults was harsh sounds fashioned in words & attitudes about this unique looking family. This family looked differently from my own. This family looked different from the families that we interacted with. But I heard words that described this family poorly, harshly, and with discontent. Right there in my uncle's living room a fire was ignited. A fire in me that recognized that there are people who are rejected, there are people who are ignored, there are people - groups of people - populations of people that are OPPRESSED!

Today, 30 years later I am grateful for the awareness I have about systemic oppression. I am blessed by the presence of God in my life that desires to eradicate oppression! I am grateful for God's word that gives me hope, restores my faith, and energizes me to press, pray, and pour! I am grateful, God breathed on people to write scriptures that teach us how to care and nurture the marginalized and oppressed!

Beginning January 1, 2017 we will be writing scriptures that are centered in Social Justice. This is our attempt to encourage The Body of Christ to truly "be the salt". Writing a scripture a day has been invigorating and encouraging for the month of December (link below for December)! Within the first day of writing out scripture about prayer the Holy Spirit impressed me to find the scriptures about social justice and to invite folks to write these for the month of January.

So consider this your invitation to write the word centered in social justice for January!


DECEMBER SCRIPTURE WRITING CHALLENGE - It's not to late to join us! Sample below.

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