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light & ease

Where do I start - with Jesus. Jesus offered us one of the greatest exchanges in our existence. He offered us His yoke that He described as "light & easy" for our burden that is heavy! It's easy in theory and much more intentional and controlled in real life.

All of us have burdens that are either breaking our backs and/or spirit; creating so much stress on our minds & bodies. Many of us have physical health conditions because of all the stuff we emotionally carry around. The memories of trauma, abuse, rejection, deaths of loved ones, or being terminated from jobs. The evictions, house fires, amputations, experiences of fighting in wars, poverty, the impact of mass incarceration, sexism, racism and so on and so on. It's just way too much.

Light & ease is not just a lofty idea to meditate on. It is a promise deeply rooted in God's kingdom being present on earth, His kingdom being present in us. It is real. It is righteous. It is what we need!

Today, I am challenged to let some more stuff go. I re-watched a video about some Japanese minimalists and I am experiencing another level of conversion as it pertains to my stuff! All the stuff I have collected along the way. All the stuff I keep holding on to that makes me feel more valuable, smart, or worthy of love. I wonder if the physical stuff I hold on to is a representation of the spiritual and/or emotional stuff that I hold on to that Jesus is inviting me to give to Him. Maybe just maybe (i'm actually sure of it) Jesus has been inviting me to release it to Him my entire life and if I do i'll be so light & easy that I will be a better steward over my body, mind, soul, job, ministry, and family. What if being light & easy was the point of walking with Christ? What if I trusted that Jesus has the keys to the kingdom on earth and in order to get them all I had to do was give Him my burden and He give me the key - LIGHT & EASE!


I am used to purging. I love to do it. I love to look in my closets and drawers and throw away or donate to a local thrift store all the items that I have either not worn all year or have not used. Last year I got rid of a bunch of books too. This year not only will I release some items collecting dust in our apartment I am going to release some spiritual junk that is collecting

dust in my heart. That stuff that leaves very little room for The Christ to move freely in my life. That stuff that takes up way too much space and create selfishness and coveting. That stuff that Jesus said if I give it to Him - He will give me LIGHT & EASE! The real deal is getting rid of this junk and not collecting it after I release it!

Do you have an annual purging ritual?

What are you getting rid of in this season?

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