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7 Year Itch

It's not that I thought we couldn't handle death as the final destination for our union. It's not that I was dreading the idea of waking up to the same person over the last 2555 days. It's that I have never spent this much time with any romantic partner until now. It's that I have never said I love you to the same man this many times. Until now.

On December 31, 2016 we will celebrate our union as husband and wife! It will have been 7 years since we looked at each other and said "I Do"! 7 years since Pastors Joel & Karla pronounced us husband & wife. 7 years since we exchanged rings. 7 years since our framily gathered around us at Union Baptist Church in Hartford, CT and worshipped, cheered, took photographs and joined us in excitement as we danced on love! 7 years since our peeps Marcel & Alicia said they would be honored to serve as Matron of Honor & Best Man. 7 years since our parents gave us away. And we never looked back.

This is an exciting time for us. 2016 was tumultuous, pleasurable, volatile, adventurous, blessed, demanding, and the biggest learning curve since we decided to cleave that snowy morning 7 years ago. This year, I was released from a job that served as our only income while Che studied full time as a Theology major. I was out of work for 5 months. I was denied unemployment. But we have safe housing, in that time I had a few consulting gigs, we are well-fed, our children are clothed and have not missed a field trip! HALLELUJAH! We are blessed to live the life we prayed about, sought God for and now we are itching!

Itching to see what's next for Team Burgess! Itching to see how God moves on our behalf for us romantically, physically, financially, and spiritually. I am excited!

I prayed for this life - now it's time to PRAISE for this life!

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