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LET US Create!

i don't usually write blogs on thursday's but i'm feeling extra bottled up & shaken.

i'm creative and have as of late been feeling stifled and wanting to just be, creative.

i miss meeting up with friends in living rooms to rehearse and play with sound.

for some reason i miss moments that i observed wishing i could be part of them.

but there is something brewing for me and in me that i can't ignore anymore.

from the moment we moved to maryland (2015) and probably a little before than i've felt stifled. stifled creatively. kind of like, if a musician sits in a room while handcuffed with the most amazing instruments locked in steel mesh boxes with no keys.

i need space where the LORD is glorified and people who are creative allow themselves to be transformed by the LORD. it feels like a river is flowing inside of me but i can't reach the shore to take in the breadth of such creation it feels like i am ignoring the very existence of the river (GOD)!

in december 2016 i attended a discussion about women who use creativity to tell stories, to resist, and to empower. it was at that event that i was convinced that i needed to be in a space that gives creative people the opportunity to just be, creative. so i talked to my husband and we decided that we're hosting a space in our tiny living room that welcome people like us. creatives. i have no idea what will happen next, if we'll continue to do it month after month. i just know that i'm super excited about watching the LORD use us to create a sound that i believe THE CREATOR of the entire everything will be blessed by.

if there is a space that you've been longing for and you haven't quite found it - maybe you're the one that needs to step out on all the faith you have and just do it!

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