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Get a sponsor!

I have never been to AA (alcoholics anonymous) or NA (narcotics anonymous) or OA (over eaters anonymous) but I know the value of having a sponsor and being a sponsor! We teach our children how to be victorious but I suggest that there is a lesson missing from this concept - each other! Too many of us are sending our children out into the world without the valuable tool of building healthy & being in healthy community! Most of us don't know how to be part of an intentional community that is thriving, reconciling, and constantly looking for ways to love each other like Jesus loves us.

This week I experienced the weight of my behavior as it pertains to surrendering to my cravings for junk food vs. surrendering to God for His nourishment. I sought after food that had no benefit to me, it just tasted good, smelled good, and felt good. But the stuff I ate did not add value to my mind, body, and/or soul. So I asked for help. Praise God that when I asked for help God said "YES", and those women I asked said "YES" too!




I released my pride and asked for help. I let go of my shame and asked for help. I got out of my own way and asked for help. My sponsors are doing different things and yours can too. A sponsor at the core is simply someone who is willing to hold you accountable, support you, remind you of your goals and aspirations, pray with you, or call on other help if necessary. I praise God for the women that God has placed in my path to encourage me to be whole! I pray that I can discern the ways in which God wants me to be a sponsor for others!




Sponsorship is intentional community!

Sponsorship is like coaching!

Sponsorship is an act of worship!

Sponsorship is being willing to serve!

Get you a sponsor!

Sponsors can be like a coach!

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