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If the water is troubled more than likely we want nothing to do with it. But what if we are the trouble? Or what if God is looking for us to recognize the trouble and give it to Him simultaneously? What if The Lord is sending you an invitation right now to go into the deep troubled waters? Are you willing to go? I believe all of these probing questions are true and/or relevant. We are the troubled water. God is looking for us to recognize the trouble and give it to Him. The Lord is sending us invitations constantly to walk out into deep troubled waters. Are you willing to go?

Maybe that deep troubling water is connected to past trauma, a divorce, the loss of a child, or perhaps an addiction. Wherever, that troubled water is being drawn from I believe that The Lord is strong enough to keep you from drowning in it! I also believe that while we are out there walking on troubled water and if we take our eyes off of Him - He is powerful enough to capture our attention so that we can keep steppin'!

There are amazing ways to stay focused on The Lord when we are in and/or are walking on troubled water but the only one that does not require earbuds, a laptop or smartphone is PRAYER. Our troubled water may be located in Sing Sing, a psychiatric ward in which we are called to serve as a nurse, a new sweet marriage, an old boring job when our soul is longing for more, or even in the middle of the dessert with no cell phone towers. We only need to do one thing, humble ourselves and pray. The humbling part is interesting because it is an admission that we are not all that we need. Humility says I can walk on water, but I can't walk on this water by myself. I need help!

Prayer is a vehicle to do several things like:

  • Speak with God

  • Listen to God

  • Be transparent with the One who made us

  • Be transformed by His power

  • Experience total healing

  • Remind ourselves that we are victorious through Christ

  • Renew our faith, power, love, covenant, or conviction in Christ

I want to encourage someone who might be like me; spending time serving, listening and advocating for others. I encourage you to spend some quality time with God in prayer. Spend some time talking to Him one on one or in groups. Spend time listening to Him. Spend time being still in His presence. I am grateful to be part of this 5AM Tribe that came together on February 1, 2017! We get together via webinars or social media live feeds for prayer, scripture and encouraging each other. Many of us have only met each other online via Full Circle Ministries Bible Boot Camp but we continue to grow closer, stronger and more faithful to God and because of all that growing we do with God it makes it easier to grow closer to each other. I am so blessed that the 5AM Tribe knows my name and I know each of their names. And more importantly The Lord never forgets any of our names! The Lord is giving us an opportunity to go deeper with Him and each other just by showing up on the line at 5 am and throughout the day!

I want to affirm you. You can experience safety with The Lord in the middle of deep troubled waters. You can experience hope with God when you are walking on the most violent waters. You can! God bless you on this journey to get deeper with God.

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