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Dough Girl

Bread making was incredibly intimidating for me. It's not like cooking homefries or soup, in that you add a little here or add a little there! It is a detailed oriented process. And so I have stayed very far away for 39 years!

My dad is a baker. His mom (my grandmom) is a baker. Baking cakes, cinnamon buns & rolls are their go-to. Every Christmas dad is kneading and pressing and rolling dough. He is sprinkling cinnamon sugar and rolling then cutting and finally baking. The most intimidating part of this process for me was when I would catch him in the process of waiting for the dough to rise! It looked scary to me, like a mistake waiting to happen. Until I tapped into the bravery of 10 million women (Happy Women's Herstory Month) and decided I would just try it. Shoot if it doesn't work it just doesn't work. Right?! No harm. No foul.


My first batch of sandwich bread was dope! And I immediately saw where I could improve but it was amazing and my family LOVED it! And I LOVED it! I loved the taste, texture but you know what I really loved? My satisfaction came from the RISE! Checking on the bread periodically during the rising period was so satisfying! Like this little round dough that I crafted, kneaded and rolled was rising! It was becoming what I intended it to be!

I have learned a lot about God's design, details and patience as I perfect bread making. The goal for me as a stay at home wife/mom was to simply save some money & give my family an experience of eating sandwiches for lunch with the bread their mommy & his wife made! But I have learned that bread making is not hard at all! Bread making just requires the essence of following directions. If we can only just obey God we will see ourselves RISE too!

I can see how excited GOD and His Angels must be whenever we RISE to do what God intended us to do or when we RISE & make decisions based on His intention for our lives! This week I got an amazing lesson just by baking a few loaves of bread, and that is it is a beautiful thing when we OBEY God! I am experiencing His completeness every single time I OBEY! This is exciting. I am excited!




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