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Stay Thirsty

Are you drinking enough water? A lot of us do not drink enough water daily and it shows in our blood pressure, bowel movements, and attitude. Drinking water is vital to our physical and emotional health. Water helps to regulate our minds and bodies as well as to flush harmful toxins out. Here is a helpful link for more information about the benefits of drinking water

Today, drink more water than you did yesterday and if you're really bold join me in drinking 1/2 my weight in ounces. That's my formula I picked up along my health journey, in other words if you weight 200 lbs then drink 100 oz of water daily. As your weight fluctuates so should your water intake.

Jesus is still offering us LIVING WATER. The kind of water that we will never find at the corner store, health food store or our faucet! Jesus has the kind of water that we never have to worry if it will pour out brown or orange like it does in Flint, MI. We never have to worry if there will be enough LIVING WATER to share with others. We do not have to test it to see if His LIVING WATER is alkaline enough for our body! His LIVING WATER is perfect for our bodies, minds, and souls.

The LIVING WATER is figurative, instructive, nurturing, freeing, and satisfying. His LIVING WATER is peace in the middle of the worse storm. His LIVING WATER is love when others have stopped loving us. His LIVING WATER is food when we are fasting! His LIVING WATER is a healthy mother or father when ours are dysfunctional. His LIVING WATER is shelter when we get evicted. His LIVING WATER is safety when the world comes crashing down!

Today, I pray that you be thirsty for the LIVING WATER in exchange for being lonely, worried, afraid, or burdened.

Drink it.

Bask in it.

Bathe in it.

Walk in it.

Love in it.

Live in it.

Be nurtured, matured, and nourished by Jesus' LIVING WATER.

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