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Do Better

I used to be.

I always did.

I never did.

I am used to.

We are certainly creatures that thrive in consistency. But what if we are consistently doing something wrong, out of order, something that doesn't bear good fruit or does not show the beauty of God in our lives. This is my testimony. Is it yours?

I often talk about my struggle with obesity but more importantly my struggle with the impact of sexual violence. The manifestation of being victimized in my life produced a need to be in control. In control of what I do and who I do it with. Most pronounced has been the control over what I eat or do not eat. There has always been this satisfaction of being able to order anything, prepare anything and eat anything because I felt like it! That false sense of control did more harm than good. I recognize it as false now because there was no fruit of me experiencing healthy power whenever I ate what I craved. If there was power attached to eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted then I submit that I would not experience weight gain, digestive discomfort, or guilt after.

I encourage you today, don't worry about tomorrow. Today, is a great day to try something new. It's a great day to abandon the things (smoking a cigarette before breakfast, cheating on our spouse, having a soda with every meal, or contributing to gossip) we've always done. It's a great day to relinquish what we would never do (eating clean, drinking water, spending within our means, listening before speaking, being slow to anger, or running in public). Today, is the perfect day to get comfortable doing healthy, powerful, Godly things that make you feel uncomfortable.

It's time to do better simply because we know better.

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