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Thanking God for CONSISTENCY.

For 3 weeks now I have been given the opportunity to fill a simple bread order (2 White loaves every Monday) for our custodian. In the process of making him the two simple loaves I noticed the weak link in my personal/spiritual armor. I am consistently inconsistent in some major areas of my life. I do things when I feel like it. I speak life when death, hopelessness, or failure appears imminent. I study the bible when I feel like I have the most time to do so. And right there was the conviction necessary to see my great need for the Lord to RISE in me just like the yeast in bread.

I notice that I can do something consistently for a season and then either get bored or frustrated and completely abandon the project or area of focus. I believe that sometimes the disinterest comes because that project or area of focus was not in God's perfect will for me to begin with and so abandoning it is a reflection of my communion with God. But other times I lose interest is primarily because I did not seek The Lord for His help to be STEADFAST in that area of work, ministry, or life.

I want to pray more than I respond.

I want to hear God's voice over my own.

I want to minister to my husband and children with the same vigor that I have when it's time to preach, teach, or serve the least of these.

I want to be faithful over the few just because the few is what the Lord allowed me to have.

I know i'm not the only person out there desiring to be STEADFAST. So this prayer is for us, who desire to be STEADFAST.

Abba Father in Heaven, you are everything and all things that we need and Lord I am looking for you to do whatever is necessary so that my walk, my talk, my thoughts, desires, plans and fantasies would be consistent with what your plan is for my life. I am over the here today and gone tomorrow mentality when it comes to being a disciple of Christ. I am looking for your steadfastness in my daily routine so that even the mundane activities I engage in that I do them in excellence.

Lord you know those areas in my life where I am starting to lose some interest or the interest has completely faded. Please resurrect zeal and excitement to complete the tasks that were set before me. Lord please resurrect and restore completely my covenant with You to complete those tasks. Lord give me a desire to do the work even when it feels like it is in vain. Even when no one is watching. Even if I am having PMS. Even when I am afraid, or lonely, or feeling rejected. Lord God help me to be a good steward over the areas of focus that You have given to me. Lord if there is anything in my life that is not your perfect will I trust that You will reveal it to me in Your time so that my life would be a living testimony to Your direction being perfect.

Thank You Lord for all the ways that You are consistent! Thank You Lord that because I was made in Your image & that consistency is written into my DNA. Father God I am tapping into You so that consistency would pour into me effortlessly. I am expecting consistency Lord. I am grateful for consistency in my life in all the ways that glorify You. And Lord whatever I am engaging in that is not like You I pray that I be so inconsistent in those areas that I no longer engage in those thoughts, activities, or words and that I cling ever so tightly to You Yeshua.


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