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I wanna stay

I wanna stay on the Lord's track. I wanna stay in His will. I wanna stay in His lane. Regardless of where I am physically or emotionally I wanna smell good in God's presence. I wanna bear good fruit. I wanna be consistent in every good thing I put my hands on.

Have you ever started something good and then after some time goes by you're ready to move on? Like you're bored. Like you have so many other gifts and talents and doing this good thing really does not give you the opportunity to shine. Like the reason you started doing this new thing is no longer sexy or entertaining. Like no one is cheering you on anymore. Like everyone has moved on and that good thing that you're doing is no longer celebrated by you or anyone else.

This is part of the process friends. Being a servant-leader in any capacity of ministry (marriage, pastoring, mentoring, teaching, custodial work, machinist, chemist,carrying mail, counseling, being a physician, or Godly neighbor) is not always going to be challenging, sexy, or cool. Sometimes the ministry we participate in and/or are leading appears to be stagnant, a waste of your time and energy, and/or is not paying you enough.

I want to encourage you to stay until God says it's time to step away and do not (repeat) get distracted by other projects that are fancier, pay more, or are just overall different.

God knows exactly what He is doing. I believe that when God is calling us to do a work for His glory that not only will it magnify Him but it will sanctify and mature us (for our good). I don't know where you are or what you are doing that is boring, isn't paying you enough or appears to be fruitless, but I beg you sister and brother to stay the course. Being STEADFAST is a ministry in and of itself. Let God use you in that area for as long as He has planned. Below are a few practical ideas for staying when you prefer to leave:

  • Try to stay present by reminding yourself of who called you for this specific work

  • Consider sharing discreetly with a trusted person who will lead you to the cross and not to their passion or nice interpretation/ideas of what God might be doing (there is a huge difference)

  • Pray more than you complain

  • Listen to the Lord (ask for His presence whenever you are silent, bored, and/or frustrated)

  • Resist the urge to think or speak about this area of focus, ministry, or job like it is a burden

  • Surrender (stop trying to make it cool, don't try to add on to the project...) to God's will not the "project"

  • Seek God for WHO He is vs. how He will get you out of "this"

  • Observe the 7th Day Sabbath as it is outlined in Exodus 20:8-11 (rest is life)

Be well friend.

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